Grand Prix programmes

Grand Prix exist since the early days of motorcycle racing in the twentieth century. Lots of countries or villages had a "grand prize". In 1949 the Road Race World Championship was introduced under authority of the Fim. Since then the term Grand Prix is generally used to indicate world championship rounds. So that's why all World Championship programmes can be found in this section. Other Grand Prix programmes (e.g. Macao gp) or GP programmes before 1949 are listed in the "all programmes " section where all of my programmes are shown, ordered by circuit.
When the World Championship started, programmes were taken care of by each individual organiser of a GP. Some of the first programmes are true pieces of art. There are also a few Grand Prix without a programme, or only a riderslist. Since the nineteen nineties, programmes are more or less the same for each round and also obligatory for the event organiser. Usually only the mid section and cover is adapted for a specific GP, the rest of the programme is the same at each round. An exception rules for the programme of the Japanese, Malaysian and French GP. Those programmes are usually different. Today, only the programme of the French Grand Prix is for free. All other Grand Prix programmes have to be bought.
You can select overviews for each year by using the drop down menu on the right side of this page. For each year you can see the covers of the programmes I have and the programmes I am still looking for (marked as wanted).