There's a lot of programmes I'm still looking for. For some championships, where I know exactly which races were ridden in the past, it's easy to indicate the ones I'm looking for.
At this moment, I know exactly which Grand Prix, Sbk or Dutch Open programme is missing in my collection.
Using the links below, you can check out the programmes I still hunt after :-)
As for other programmes: if it's not shown on the overview page, I'm looking for it!

Wanted SBK programmes

Wanted Grand Prix (motogp) programmes

Also wanted: books, newspaper articles, timingsheets

While eating, the hunger comes I once read somewhere. My collection started with collecting Dutch motorcycle magazines like Weekblad Motor and Moto73. And once you start collecting, it goes from bad to worse.... I also have newspaper articles, racing yearbooks (Motocourse), timingsheets, you name it. Everything in print about motorcycle racing is interesting. So if you have anything that's motorcycle racing related and you don't know what to do with it... just let me know!