Superbike world championship programmes

The superbike world championship started in 1988. Nobody knew whether it would become a genuine championship or end in a few years time, like the F750 class did. Also, at that time the TT Formula 1 world championship still existed, with similar (super)bikes. So it isn't a surprise that the first rounds where part of other events. For example: the first ever world superbike race was part of the Eurolantic trophy event at Donington. Very often a Sbk round was held together with a European Championship event.
After a few years, the championship proved itself to be a "stayer". Starting as a relatively cheap way of racing with lots of opportunities for privateers, from about 1993 on it became more and more professional, attracting larger crowds, more factories, and as a result of all that it became more costly.
At this moment, I have over 85% of all Sbk programmes from 1988 on. Sbk programmes I really would  like to have are the ones from the early Italian rounds. But ofcourse every Sbk programme that I haven't got yet is great. If you have an Sbk programme that's marked "wanted", please let me know!
At the right side of this page you can select an overview of the programmes for each year. It shows the covers of all programmes I have. The ones I'm still looking for are marked "wanted".