You buy one when you visit races. There's information in it about the riders, the track, the teams.
I always kept the programmes of the racing events that I visited. Some years ago I started to actually collect programmes, it started with collecting Grand Prix- and World Superbikes programmes. It's still my goal to get these complete, but every programme is special for me. So now I have programmes - whether it's from a streetrace in India, a clubrace in Scotland, world championship races, you name it - from all over the world. At this moment I have 3619 programmes, being great pieces of motorcycle racing history.
This website shows the covers of all programmes I have. To take a look at the covers of the programmes I have, you can make a selection in the menu on the left of this page. If it's not listed here, I'm looking for it!
In the Grand Prix and Sbk section I have indicated which programmes I'm still looking for (wanted). In the other sections I only show the ones I have, because I don't know which ones I miss :-) So if it's not shown, I'm looking for it.
With the information in my programmes I have been able to help quite a few people with information they lack for books, magazines, or just to know more about a family member that used to race. So that's really great.
It's impossible to get all these programmes without the help of others. I exchange spare programmes with other collectors and there are some racefans, officials and riders who help me getting programmes.
I'm also looking for people who can help me keeping up-to-date with the recent programmes. So if you know which events you will visit this year or next year, please let me know!
If you have programmes that you don't need anymore, please feel free to contact me.